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Navigating Today’s Facilities Management Challenges

Published On: April 25, 2024


A comprehensive guide for facilities managers on effectively dealing with the challenges in the facilities management sector in 2024. This guide offers industry research and insights from repair and coatings specialists.

Table of Contents:
Our Research
Part 1: The Workplace Experience
Part 2: The Skills Shortage
Part 3: The Supply Chain
Conclusion and Key Takeaways
Watco Solutions

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In recent years, the facilities management sector has faced numerous challenges that have significantly transformed the role of facilities managers (FMs). FMs are now responsible for a wide range of tasks that impact all areas of a business. This guide aims to help FMs navigate these challenges effectively.

Scott Saunders, Technical Services Manager at Watco, acknowledges the evolving role of FMs in the face of unprecedented challenges, such as the pandemic and the consequences of Brexit. FMs have had to assume new responsibilities to address supply chain difficulties, staff shortages, and improve the overall workplace experience.

Our Research:
To gain insights into the challenges and priorities of facilities management professionals, we conducted a survey of 250 UK professionals, with a focus on the construction and industrial sectors. The survey covered topics such as health and safety, employee experience, digital innovation, and industry challenges.

Part 1: The Workplace Experience:
The first section explores the importance of the workplace experience and its impact on employee wellbeing. It highlights the rising significance of employee wellbeing and mental health, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The section also emphasizes the need to understand FMs’ current workloads and their impact on productivity.

Part 2: The Skills Shortage:
This section addresses the challenges of the skills shortage and the importance of talent retention. It discusses the struggle to find skilled workers and the difficulty in attracting younger talent. Retaining existing team members is emphasized as a crucial aspect to mitigate the effects of the skills shortage.

Part 3: The Supply Chain:
The third part focuses on the challenges faced by FMs due to disruptions in the global supply chain. The COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions, and economic uncertainties have significantly impacted supply chains. The guide emphasizes the need for FMs to reduce costs while ensuring the smooth operation of facilities.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways:
The guide concludes by summarizing the key findings and takeaways from the research. It highlights the importance of workplace experience, talent retention, and effective supply chain management. It also emphasizes the need for FMs to adopt new approaches to address the challenges in the facilities management sector.

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