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Fire Risk Assessments

The corner stone of Fire Safety Compliance

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    Fire Risk Assessments

    In accordance with legal requirements, conducting a fire risk assessment is essential. Octagon is here to support you in meeting your legal obligations and ensuring full compliance.

    The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) places the responsibility on businesses to carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment. This assessment serves as a legal document and forms the cornerstone of fire safety management for your premises. The expert team at Octagon will professionally conduct a thorough fire risk assessment, identifying potential fire risks within your building and developing an action plan to mitigate those risks. As recommended by the Chief Fire Officers Association, we also provide annual review services to maintain good practice.

    Why Choose Octagon for Your Fire Risk Assessment?

    Comprehensive and User-Friendly Documentation: Our fire risk assessment documentation is meticulously prepared, ensuring it is simple, clear, and easy to understand. We prioritise providing you with detailed insights and actionable recommendations.

    Certified and Experienced Assessors: Our assessments are conducted by certified fire risk assessors with extensive experience in the field. Rest assured that your assessment will be carried out by knowledgeable professionals who adhere to industry best practices.

    Swift Response and Cost-Effectiveness: Octagon values promptness and efficiency. We offer a rapid response to your assessment needs, ensuring that your fire risk assessment is conducted in a timely manner. Our services are also designed to be cost-effective, providing excellent value for your investment.

    Residential and Commercial Expertise: Whether you require a fire risk assessment for residential properties or commercial buildings, Octagon has the expertise to cater to your specific needs. We understand the unique requirements of each setting and tailor our assessments accordingly.

    Choose Octagon as your trusted partner for fire risk assessments. Our dedication to rigorous assessments, certified expertise, responsiveness, and comprehensive coverage sets us apart. Let us help you meet your legal obligations and enhance fire safety management for your premises.

    Octagon Property Services Group

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