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Smoke Ventilation Systems

Life safety systems enable safe evacuation and early fire suppression

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    Smoke Ventilation Systems

    Octagon specializes in the installation and maintenance of Smoke Ventilation Systems, which are crucial for keeping escape and access routes free from smoke during emergencies. These systems can be operated manually through key switches or push buttons, while others utilize automatic opening vents (AOV) activated by smoke detectors linked to a smoke vent control system or fire alarm system.

    Our expertise lies in maintaining various smoke vent systems, and we incorporate this service into our regular maintenance visits, optimizing efficiency by reducing planned visits and overall annual maintenance costs for your site.

    We offer a comprehensive range of equipment from leading manufacturers and keep a stock of essential parts such as smoke vent control panels, fireman override switches, smoke detectors, and smoke vent actuators to ensure continuous and reliable system operation.

    Upgrade to an Open Protocol System

    If your building is equipped with outdated closed protocol smoke ventilation equipment, upgrading to the latest version can be costly. Octagon specialises in expertly upgrading old systems using open protocol equipment, providing substantial cost savings without compromising on quality and functionality.

    Car Park Smoke Ventilation Systems

    Effective ventilation is essential in car parks, loading bays, and service yards to control vehicle exhaust fume buildup. Our ventilation systems are designed to maintain acceptable air quality by efficiently moving air throughout the area, eliminating exhaust gases and preventing the formation of stagnant air pockets. Additionally, these systems effectively remove smoke during and after a fire. Count on Octagon for reliable service and maintenance of car park smoke ventilation systems.

    Fire Safety Signage

    Our comprehensive range of signs includes signage specifically designed for smoke ventilation systems. This includes smoke vent manual control signs, smoke vent shaft signs, automatic smoke vent signs, and more, ensuring clear communication and compliance with fire safety regulations.

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