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Fire Alarms

An essential step in fire safety management

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    Fire Alarms

    Octagon provides comprehensive fire safety services, including fire alarm systems that are crucial for ensuring the safety of buildings in compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO). We will collaborate with you to conduct a fire risk assessment, determining the specific fire alarm system required based on British Standards and considering factors such as building structure, purpose, use, and current legislation.

    Octagon guarantees our clients peace of mind as we are accredited by a 3rd Party under the BAFE SP203-1 Scheme for the Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover, and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

    We offer a wide range of services to fulfil your fire alarm needs, ranging from complete design and installation to commissioning, upgrades, and periodic maintenance.

    Design and Installation of Fire Alarm Systems

    Before designing a fire alarm system, we assess the risk associated with the building and specify the appropriate system category. This determination is typically made by the authority responsible for enforcing fire safety regulations or through a fire risk assessment. Once the fire alarm category is confirmed, Octagon designs and instals a system that meets your specific requirements and budget, adhering to British Standards (BS 5839).

    Fire Alarm Commissioning

    Our fire alarm commissioning service involves thorough testing by our fire safety experts to ensure the correct operation of the installed alarm system, in accordance with BS 5839.

    Fire Alarm Maintenance

    To comply with BS 5839, fire alarm systems should undergo servicing at least every six months. Under the Fire Safety Order 2005, the person responsible for the building is legally obligated to ensure regular servicing and maintenance of the fire alarm system. This not only ensures compliance but also provides assurance that the equipment will function effectively when needed most. Wondering what Octagon can do for you?

    Smoke Vent Testing

    Smoke ventilation systems are commonly installed in residential apartment blocks to maintain clear escape and access routes during a fire. Octagon offers service, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs for smoke ventilation systems.

    Fire Alarm Zone Charts

    According to BS 5839, it is a requirement to have a schematic fire alarm zone chart locally fitted to your fire alarm control panel. Octagon can conduct surveys and produce professional framed fire alarm zone charts to ensure compliance with regulations.

    Aspiration Systems

    Aspiration detection systems are highly sensitive fire detection systems that can identify fires at an early stage. These systems sample the air and test it for the presence of smoke. Octagon can survey and install aspiration systems tailored to meet your specific requirements.

    Radio Fire Alarm Systems

    Also known as wireless fire alarm systems, radio waves are utilised to transmit signals from the control panel to input devices such as manual call points and detectors, as well as output devices like audible sounders, visual beacons, and relays. Interested in learning more about Octagon’s services?

    Fire Alarm Monitoring

    In the event of a fire alarm activation or system fault, our dedicated alarm receiving centre promptly notifies the relevant key holders and local Fire and Rescue Service, often detecting the problem before you are aware of it.

    Fire Safety Signage

    Our fire safety signage services offer quick and easy solutions to guide you in achieving regulatory compliance. We prioritise durability and clarity in our signage to ensure effective communication.

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