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Emergency Lighting

Providing Direction and Assistance during Emergency Situations

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    Emergency Lighting

    Octagon is dedicated to ensuring compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which mandates the provision of emergency lighting in non-domestic buildings.

    As part of our comprehensive fire safety strategy, Octagon offers a wide range of emergency lighting solutions that align with the recommendations outlined in BS 5266. Whether it involves assessing or maintaining existing emergency lighting systems or implementing a fully integrated solution in a new building, our experienced team is equipped to deliver trusted results. Our emergency lighting options vary, from discrete green signage lights to seamlessly integrated fixtures that blend with standard lighting schemes.

    It is essential that emergency lighting provides adequate illumination in the event of a power failure, enabling safe evacuation by illuminating all escape routes. Octagon understands this requirement and offers a comprehensive selection of emergency lighting solutions:

    Emergency Lighting Design and Installation

    We adhere to BS 5266 guidelines when designing and installing emergency lighting systems. Our experts can provide advice on the appropriate type of lighting to meet regulatory standards, while working closely with you to accommodate your budget.

    Emergency Lighting Maintenance

    Octagon offers maintenance services for both existing emergency lighting systems and newly installed ones. Our professional team ensures regular upkeep, and we even provide a 24/7 service to address any emergency situations promptly.

    LED Emergency Lighting

    LED emergency lights have gained popularity due to their energy efficiency, cost-saving benefits, and long-lasting durability. At Octagon, we utilise the latest technology to offer LED emergency lighting solutions that not only meet your budget but also align with your business’s environmental policy.

    Fire Escape Signage

    We offer a comprehensive range of fire escape signage products, which can be installed by our qualified engineers. These signage solutions play a crucial role in guiding occupants to safety during emergency situations.

    Octagon is committed to providing reliable emergency lighting solutions that prioritise safety and compliance. Our expertise and dedication ensure that you have peace of mind in any emergency scenario.

    Octagon Property Services Group

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