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    Rural theft costs the UK over £54m annually, with farm machinery and livestock being the primary targets for criminals. A break-in can be devastating for farmers as they heavily rely on expensive machinery, vehicles, fuel, and tools for their operations. Recovering from such losses can be difficult.

    At Octagon, we understand the importance of security in safeguarding your farm, livestock, and assets, which is why we provide tailored agricultural security solutions. We help protect against theft, vandalism, fly-tipping, fire, and health and safety risks for farms of all types and sizes across the UK. 

    As an NFU Services Discount partner, we offer discounted rates to the farming community and ensure that our farming security and safety systems give you peace of mind knowing that your farm is always efficiently protected.

    Automated Gates & ANPR

    Secure your farm entrances and exits with our range of automated gates and ANPR technology, which can be controlled through key fob or automatic number plate recognition. With an increasing number of thieves and fly tippers targeting farms, it’s crucial to protect your property. Our swinging and sliding gates are designed to make vehicle movement around your farm hassle-free, while also keeping your farm secure while you focus on your business.

    Wireless Perimeter Alarm

    Our wireless perimeter protection systems provide farmers with a virtual tripwire around their farm, giving early warning of any trespassers attempting to enter the property before they reach valuable assets. Using the latest detection technology, we can identify humans and vehicles while filtering out animals and weather conditions to reduce false alarms and save farmers time and money.

    Our Access Control Systems

    Controlling access to critical areas of your farm is essential for security and safety. Our user-friendly access control systems provide a range of options such as card readers, keypads, and biometrics, customised to fit the needs of your agricultural site. Each access is recorded to monitor employee movements and produce an audit trail. With our remote management app, you can control access from any location on any device, making it simple and flexible to keep your farm running efficiently.

    Farm Driveway Alarms

    Our farm driveway alarms provide instant alerts whenever a vehicle enters your property, ensuring you are aware of any activity on your farm’s entrances.

    CCTV Solutions for Farms

    Our CCTV solutions not only deter criminal activity, such as theft and fly-tipping, but also provide an overview of your entire farm operations. Our cameras help identify potential health and safety violations, animals ready to give birth, power failures, or damaged fences.

    We provide a range of CCTV cameras suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with night vision capabilities. Our cameras are robust enough to withstand harsh agricultural environments. In case of a criminal incident, our crystal clear HD images can aid identification and prosecution.

    We also offer full preventative maintenance and repair services to keep your farm CCTV systems in optimal condition, giving you complete peace of mind.

    Intruder Alarms for Farms

    We understand the importance of keeping your farm safe from theft, vandalism, and arson. That’s why we provide professional intruder alarm systems to secure your farm buildings, outbuildings, stores, and livestock sheds. Our alarms are customised to suit the needs of your farm, using advanced technology to offer a strong deterrent against intruders. We also offer remote monitoring services to ensure your farm remains secure even when you’re not on-site.

    Fire Alarm

    We understand that fires in agricultural buildings can be devastating, especially when livestock are involved. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of fire alarm services tailored to your specific needs. Our professional teams design, install, and maintain fire alarm systems of any level and grade, ensuring that fires in and around your farm buildings, stores, and livestock sheds are quickly detected and alerted. This allows for early evacuation and minimizes loss to both life and profits. With our fire alarm services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your farm is well protected.

    Livestock Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of your livestock is crucial to ensure the health and location of your animals, particularly during the calving, lambing, or foaling seasons.

    CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

    We offer an integrated solution for CCTV and alarm monitoring, allowing you to oversee all your systems from a single central location. This approach enhances your situational awareness and operational efficiency. In the event of an alert, you can quickly assess the situation in real-time and take prompt action.

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