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Our goal is to assist you in upholding the utmost levels of safety and care.

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    For healthcare professionals to deliver a quality patient-focussed service, the environment must be welcoming and safety conscious.

    For many years we have worked closely with healthcare providers in the public and private sector including hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics, labs, dental surgeries and retirement homes. Health and safety is at the heart of everything we do and we provide a range of healthcare security systems designed for busy environments including CCTV, access control and fire alarm systems, complying with industry legislation and best practise, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

    Vehicle Barriers & ANPR

    Our vehicle barrier and ANPR systems are a convenient and efficient solution to manage your healthcare facility’s visitor and staff car park entrances and exits. We offer a range of systems, from simple barriers that allow vehicles in and out of your site during opening hours, to automatic licence plate recognition (ANPR) that allows pre-registered cars and ambulances automatic entry to designated areas such as staff car parks and patient drop-off areas. Whatever your healthcare setting requires, we have the right system to meet your needs.

    Intruder Alarm

    Our customised intruder alarms are specifically designed to protect your healthcare facility from unauthorised entry, acting as a powerful deterrent to potential intruders. Our solutions incorporate the latest innovative technology, such as inertia sensors, glass break, and vibration detection, which provide real-time alerts to ensure a quick response.

    Video Intercom

    Our range of video intercom systems provides reliable and efficient two-way audio and video verification for entry control. With a comprehensive selection of products, we can tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of your healthcare facility, providing secure access control for staff, visitors, and patients.

    Access Control

    Access control refers to the measures taken to manage and restrict access to specific areas or resources within a building or facility. In the context of healthcare facilities, access control is used to limit access to sensitive areas and maintain a contamination-free environment. This can involve the use of various technologies such as card readers, biometric scanners, and keypads to ensure that only authorised personnel are granted entry.

    Access control systems can be tailored to the specific security and access requirements of a facility, and can be designed, installed and maintained by professional service providers.

    CCTV Security Systems

    Our healthcare CCTV surveillance solutions provide comprehensive security for staff, patients, and visitors across all areas of your facility. We use a combination of fixed point and panoramic 360-degree cameras to provide detailed coverage from every angle. Our solutions also include powerful night vision cameras to monitor your car parks and outdoor areas 24/7, ensuring your facility is secure at all times.

    In addition to designing and installing new CCTV systems, we also offer professional maintenance and repair services to keep your existing security system running smoothly. Our expert teams can provide regular checkups and ensure that any issues are addressed promptly to minimise downtime and maintain the highest level of security.


    Our body worn cameras provide an additional layer of security for your staff by capturing video, audio, and images while on the move. They are equipped with features such as high-definition recording, night vision capabilities, and metadata capture including date, time, GPS location, device number, and user details. This helps provide accurate evidence of an altercation if needed, ensuring the safety of your staff and protecting your healthcare facility.

    Capacity Management

    Capacity management is essential in healthcare facilities to reduce the spread of infections. Our people flow solutions offer real-time capacity guidance for staff, patients, and visitors with audible and visible notifications.

    In addition, our people counting systems can help optimise staffing schedules by providing valuable insights into peak times and quieter periods. This information can help you improve your services by increasing or decreasing the number of staff during busy or slow times. Visitor flow reports can also help you plan and improve your marketing strategies.

    Temperature Screening

    We offer Fever Screen thermographic solutions that use innovative technology to detect elevated body temperatures even among moving crowds. This helps you identify and isolate visitors quickly and accurately, minimising transmission and protecting your staff, patients, and the public.

    Fire Alarms

    In settings where patients have limited mobility, having a dependable fire alarm system is crucial to detect fires early and prevent them from spreading, while facilitating a safe evacuation of vulnerable areas.

    We offer comprehensive fire alarm systems of varying levels and grades, specifically designed to safeguard healthcare providers, their staff, patients, visitors, and valuable medical equipment throughout the UK. Our solutions also incorporate complete maintenance and repair services to meet your fire safety policies and regulatory requirements, and maintain the efficiency of your system to minimise false alarms and avoid disturbing patients.

    CCTV and Alarm Systems

    Our integrated approach enables you to efficiently monitor all your CCTV and alarm systems from a central location, ensuring optimum situational awareness. With real-time notifications of any unauthorised access attempts, complete with the precise location, you can promptly review footage from your CCTV systems to determine the nature of the incident and promptly respond as needed.

    Access Control

    Our security access control systems feature a user-friendly dashboard that enables seamless system management. This includes adding, editing, or removing users, grouping doors to create zones, remotely unlocking doors, and initiating full site lockdown procedures during emergency situations or terror attacks.

    AV Installation

    For all your audio-visual needs in a healthcare environment, we offer comprehensive AV installation services, ranging from digital signage in waiting rooms to remote consultation solutions. These solutions not only enhance patient communication but also improve the overall efficiency of your facility.

    Our team of expert engineers can guide you in selecting the appropriate equipment, whether you require a new solution or need to replace an outdated system. We also provide complete preventative maintenance and reactive repair plans to ensure your investment serves you, your staff, and patients for the long term.

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