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Public Security

We provide professional and affordable security, fire protection, and facilities management solutions for public sector clients.

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    Octagon Property Services Group

    We serve council offices, public buildings, social housing, hospitals, and schools. Our solutions offer excellent public safety and value for money, and are applicable to a wide range of public sectors.


    Our security teams are experienced in providing a welcoming, safe and accessible environment for patients, visitors and staff in hospitals, clinics and retirement homes. We understand the importance of protecting buildings and equipment from theft and vandalism, and have worked with both government and privately funded healthcare facilities, including labs, GP surgeries, and clinics, to ensure the best possible service.


    Octagon offers security services to educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. We have expertise in mitigating risks in dormitories and accommodations, providing personalised and approachable services according to your specific requirements.

    Our security personnel undergo thorough screening and vetting, including Enhanced DBS checks, and are fully licensed by the SIA. Additionally, our staff are trained for conflict management, search procedures, and evacuation protocols, specifically catering to the needs of educational environments.

    Local authority

    Octagon offers local authorities a range of cost-effective solutions to support public building and space safety, ensuring residents feel safe in their community. We work closely with local authorities to assess risks and challenges and deliver tailored security solutions to council offices, social housing, libraries, museums, and other public spaces. Our integrated approach enhances cost-efficiency, improves delivery standards, and adds social value to the locality. We prioritise excellence, quality, and safety, ensuring that public services remain undisrupted.

    Housing Associations

    Octagon has extensive experience in partnering with housing associations throughout the UK, enabling us to provide a complete range of efficient and effective security services that help achieve health and safety compliance, reduce crime and prevent antisocial behaviour.

    We specialise in securing unoccupied properties and provide complete vacant property solutions to housing associations and social housing nationwide. Our solutions ensure that assets are secure, regulatory and insurance compliance obligations are met, and property turnaround times are reduced.

    Octagon Property Services Group

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