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Solar Farms

The company offers measures to prevent water damage in vacant properties.

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    Solar farms are a great way to generate renewable energy and income for farmers, but they are also vulnerable to theft and vandalism due to their remote locations and valuable equipment. This can significantly impact revenue and power generation. To address this issue, Octagon conducts comprehensive risk assessments and designs, and maintains cost-effective security systems using advanced technology such as thermal imaging.

    One essential aspect of solar farm security is perimeter intrusion detection, which is achieved through the use of thermal imaging and analytics to identify suspicious behaviour and sound the alarm before intruders can cause damage.

    Automatic gates with ANPR provide secure vehicular access, while HD CCTV systems allow for real-time monitoring and evidence gathering.

    Intruder alarms with innovative technology such as inertia sensors, glass break and vibration detection provide additional security for buildings. User-friendly access control systems limit access to restricted areas and provide a full audit trail of employee movements.

    Octagon Property Services Group

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